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We hold regular Play Readings at the theatre. Some of these are for fun and others are for plays we are hoping to perform.


Following a play reading, we hold auditions at the theatre. We typically have two audition dates. Auditions are open to everyone and details are put up on our website and Facebook pages.


Anyone that wants to be part of the production is welcome to try for a part. If you are unable to make the auditions, you may be able to arrange an alternative time with the Director.


Our auditions do not involve having to learn specific parts and are enjoyable and fun. If you attended the play reading evening, you will already be familiar with the play. Information and further details on characters and the play are on our website.


If you are successful in securing a part, we will let you know after the play is cast.


We have an eight to ten week rehearsal period consisting of two rehearsals per week. This may increase over the two weeks and weekend preceding the performance week.



Directed by Clare Brett

Performance dates April 24 – 27 2024.

Read Through - 4th January '24

Auditions - Tuesday 9th & Thursday 11th  January

Parts for 5 women & 3 men

Renee Savage: a classically trained actress in her … let’s be very generous … early fifties. Wife of …

Boris Smolensky: a theatre director. He has spoken with a Russian accent for so long, no one ever questions whether he is really Russian or not. He has an enormous ego. He cannot imagine the existence of a woman who does not find him irresistible.

Tim Fermor: a slightly petulant, self-obsessed actor in his early thirties.

Ginette Vincent: a young and not-terribly-bright actress.

Christa D’Amato: an ex tv soap actress in her fifties.

Sophie Lawton: a bright, intelligent actress in her late twenties/thirties

Harrison Bracewell: an actor of the old school. In his sixties/seventies. A drink problem and a remembering lines problem.

Pat: Stage Manager for the play. She has a permanent uniform of paint-spattered t-shirt, jeans and trainers.

This will be brilliantly fun to rehearse and very entertaining to watch.

Rehearsals will start late January 

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