Holiday Snap

by Michael Pertwee and John Chapman

Playing dates 7th to 10th September


Read through

Tuesday 17the May at 7:30pm


Sunday 22nd May at 2:30pm

 Wednesday 25th May at 7:30pm


I am auditioning early because of other commitments and theatre avalability. Rehearsals will not start until July. I am hoping that being cast early will give people time to familiarise themselves with the script, thus making rehearsals more productive.

This farce was originally published in 1989 so it is not as badly dated as many titles in this genre. Whilst there is no dropping of trousers or semi-nude ladies, this is a proper farce with lots of doors, a great many mistaken identities and oodles of confusion.


The comedy relies on split second timing and the script being delivered with confidence and pace from all of the characters. Getting the lines into your head early is going to be essential so that the work can be put into getting everything else right… it’s not going to be easy, but it will be great fun and I am confident that the audiences will love it.


I have purposely not included playing ages for the characters, a believable overall ensemble is more important than getting specific ages right. The only real stipulation is that Celia needs to appear to be old enough to be Catherine’s mother and Henry needs to be the right sort of age to be married to Catherine.


Commander Chittenden (Chitto) - He is a good-hearted but not too bright ex-naval officer, who has taken early retirement and is now the local representative for Share-a-Lux Ltd. Portugal's ever-open bars are a source of constant comfort to Chitto, who is permanently well-oiled, but manages to conceal this with extreme dignity and only the occasional slip of the tongue or foot.


Eve – More Costa Brava than Cap d’Antibes. Brash and loud, not a bimbo, but think Barbara Windsor in her Carry On days, or almost any of the current female cast of East Enders.


Leslie – A car salesman who works for Eve’s rather dodgy husband Sid. Not confident and very unsure about an affair with his employers wife, especially as his previous sexual encounters have  always ended in disaster.


Henry - a successful Barrister who keeps his pompous and irascible nature in check… most of the time.


Mary – Currently Henry’s mistress but wants more. Upper crust snobbish woman.


Celia – A country lady who is, at times, apt to mishear what is said, but carries this off with great aplomb. She is Henry’s mother in law, mother to Catherine – Henry’s wife!


Colonel Sir Piers Marchbanks (Perky) – The name says it all, Henry’s best friend and his ‘Alibi’.


Catherine (Kit) – Henry’s wife. Only on stage for the last 2 pages so could possibly be played by one of the crew?


The characters appear in the following number of pages, out of a total of 64… just to give an idea of the size of the parts:


Chitto – 36

Leslie – 44

Eve – 40

Henry – 43

Mary – 34

Celia – 25

Perky – 11

Kit – 2

email for more information.