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The Warehouse Theatre


Come and see the amazing story of brave, young Jack! Watch the slapstick routines, laugh at the jokes and join in with the songs. Enjoy the journey with our cast of characters as they climb to new heights in Jack's adventure of his lifetime!

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Frankenstein - ‘or, a play about a man, wot built another man’.

Victor Frankenstein is on a scientific quest. He believes that he alone is destined to break through the greatest boundary of the medical world and harness the power to control life and death. Along with his faithful assistant, Igor, he finds that the act of creation is not all it’s cracked up to be when his efforts finally bring a homemade man to life. The only true question is who is the monster? Victor or his creation? Join Rain or Shine this winter for their hilarious take on this Victorian classic. Expect gags, fast paced chaos, well-timed comic set pieces. And hats. Lots and lots of hats.

Psychic Medium Nikki Kitt is a Spiritualist Medium who is currently touring the UK with her successful Psychic / Mediumship Evenings.
As a Medium Nikki Kitt aims to provide evidence of life after life by getting links from loved ones in spirit for people in the audience with amazing accuracy in descriptions, personalities and all sorts of personal information.. to give both confirmation and comfort.
I have been aware of spirit my whole life and so have no doubt that we carry on after this physical life and my demonstrations are to prove the same to everyone else.

Testimonies :-

"Hi Nikki I attended your evening last night and just wanted to say that you have an amazing talent"

"I have seen many mediums and psychics over the years and you are by far the best and most accurate the details you give are amazing"

"My god went to see Psychic Medium Nikki Kitt tonight my mum came through soooo happy she was spot on with everything.. Thank you Nikki amazing night"

[PLEASE NOTE - The warehouse Theatre is not involved in selling tickets for this event. and cannot therefore answer any questions regarding tickets. For ANY ticket enquiries please go to

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Our story started many moons ago, when the evil Mother Dreadlock stole the royal Princess before dawn. We are now 18 years on and Rapunzel has spent her whole life trapped in the tallest tower. Every day dreaming of the outside world and the lights that fill the air every year on her birthday. The King and Queen ordered Flynn, an ordinary and dashing villager, the task to find the lost Princess. Accompanied by his simple and silly brother Bob and his larger than life mother Penny Perm. Will he be able to find the tower and if he does will he be able to reunite the King and Queen with their precious Daughter. With plenty of laughs, magical musical numbers and more hair than you could ever ask for! Join us this panto season for what promises to be a hairtastic show!

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