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The Warehouse Theatre is owned and run by Ilminster Entertainments Society and is a fully equipped 150 seat theatre with a raked auditorium. As well as six in-house productions a year the theatre hosts groups and artists from the local area.

The Warehouse Theatre is most grateful to the Somerset Community Foundation for their financial support as we work towards re-opening.

Upcoming shows


Brontë – The UK Debut

A drama by William Luce
directed by and starring

Bethany Goodman

Brontë begins in 1849 with Charlotte, at thirty-three, returning from Scarborough, where she has buried Anne, her youngest sister. Only Charlotte and her stern God-fearing father are left in this house of memories, and she has resigned herself to the notion that she will live and die a lonely maid. As the play unfolds, Charlotte comes to terms with her genius and her need for love. Brontë is a play set across a short period of Charlotte Brontë’s life, beautifully written and giving an insight into the thoughts and feelings of the author of Jane Eyre, in her home at the parsonage. It is a chance to have a front row view as history is brought to life. A great play for young and old alike to be not only entertained, but to be educated too. For those studying Jane Eyre this is a great way to become acquainted with the author, who at the time she wrote it, had to remain anonymous. For those who quite simply love the novel, please come and know a little of the lady who brought Jane to life. Be a part of history, let history be a part of you in this UK debut of “Brontë”

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The Titfield Thunderbolt

The Titfield Thunderbolt is a funny, nostalgic and chaotic play that is sure you to make you laugh out loud.

It is set in 1952 in the fictional village of Titfield, somewhere in England. When the branch line between Titfield and Mallingford is threatened with closure by the Government because it is losing money, various locals including the vicar, take matters into their own hands to try and run the train service themselves. With lots of high jinks, may-hem and the help of the audience, they try to overcome Ministerial Inspection and the local con-man Vernon Crump, who sets up a rival bus service…..but can they succeed??

Come along and find out on the 20th – 23rd October at the Warehouse Theatre in Ilminster.

All aboard for The Titfield Thunderbolt!



Written by Philip Goulding and based on the classic Ealing Comedy screenplay by T.E.B. Clarke

Audition Notice - Toms Midnight Garden

IES will be performing "Tom's Midnight Garden”

6th – 11th December 2021


This is a play by David Wood, adapted from the book by Philippa Pearce and will be directed by Charlie and Sally Carrington. 


Quarantined in his Aunt and Uncle's stuffy flat because his brother has measles,  Tom is restless and bored. Intrigued by a grandfather clock, religiously wound by the elderly owner of the house, Mrs Bartholomew, Tom is startled one night to hear the clock strike thirteen! Slipping out of bed he goes to what in his time is a concrete backyard, only to discover a beautiful Victorian Garden of 1880s. He meets the unhappy orphan, Hatty, who initially is the only person who can see him. He visits her each night at the same hour, writing enthusiastically to his brother Peter about his adventures. But although Tom stays the same age, Hatty grows into a young woman during these visits. Before the story can reach its outcome, Tom has to return to his parents but the truth is revealed in a touching end.


The play is set in the 1950s, 1880s and 1890s. The story is about two lonely children finding each other in this mysterious time fantasy.


There are plenty of parts for actors aged 8 to 80!


Characters in order of appearance


Mrs  Bartholomew *70’s 1950’s

Tom, early teens 1950’s

Uncle Alan* 1950’s

Aunt Gwen* 1950’s

Peter, Tom brother early teens 1950’s

Susan* the maid 1880/90’s

Hatty, six or seven, early teens, late teens early twenties 1880/90’s

Aunt Grace* 1880’s

Abel* the gardener 1880’s

Hubert* early teens, late teens 1880’s

James*early teens, late teens 1880’s

Edger* early teens, late teens 1880’s

Barty* early 20s

Tower guide* more than 40

The Angel*

* Could be doubled

Skaters, sightseers, voices of the house        


Read through 9th and 10th September auditions 14th and 16th September all at 7.30pm.

Rehearsals Tuesdays and Thursdays 7.30 pm and some Sunday afternoons. Full list of dates after the show is cast.


Contacts Sally and Charlie

Tel 0146052545    Sally 07973952508   Charlie 07771730523