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The Warehouse Theatre is owned and run by Ilminster Entertainments Society and is a fully equipped 150 seat theatre with a raked auditorium. As well as six in-house productions a year the theatre hosts groups and artists from the local area.

The Warehouse Theatre is most grateful to the Somerset Community Foundation for their financial support as we work towards re-opening.

Upcoming shows

We are delighted to announce that we will be reopening our doors on Friday 30th July with a joyous summer pantomime presented by TFA (Theatre for All)

 Cinderella The Summer Pantomime, bringing you all the panto magic we've missed this last year! From custard pies to corny jokes, feel good music to men in wigs,

we have it all!
Shoeville is a town moulded to perfection by the evil Veronica Vans, step mother to the beautiful Cinderella.  The handsome Prince Plimsoll has to find a bride, so a ball is arranged with everyone in the kingdom invited. However, there is no hope for Cinderella with her two Step-Sisters, Crystal-Croc and Lilly-Loafer, around... until she meets the Divalicious Fairy Stella-Toe who tells her all her dreams could come true... but do they?

Cinderella TFA.jpg
2017 OC.jpg

This set is the female version of The Odd Couple by Neil Simon

This is Ladies in Lavender by Shaun McKenna which not only needed a lounge but also a bedroom a beach and a garden. For this we had to take down the main curtains and remove part of the proscenium arch.

2018 LIL.jpg
2018 HB.jpg

And finally, the garden from our production of Humble Boy by Charlotte Jones